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    I need to know if Subscribe2 or Subscribe2HTML are able to achieve the following.

    1. Allow my WordPress blog readers to subscribe to my new or edit posts through email, where they can select a particular category to subscribe to.

    2. Whenever I post a new post or edit a particular post, the system
    will automatically send out an email to the category of subscribers
    which the post is categorized as.

    3. The emails need to be sent out immediately. Not after some time. As
    I will create and edit posts in “real time”.

    4. My email subscribers must be able to unsubscribe any time they

    5. For the email that is sent to my subscribers, I must be able to
    choose whether it is full content or an excerpt.

    6. I must be able to use my own smtp server (port 25) to send out my
    emails. Not other 3rd party SMTP service.

    7. Lastly, I must be able to create an email subscription form as a sidebar widget so that my subscribers can enter their name and email address as well as select the category that are interested to subscribe to.

    I am currently using WordPress 3.4.2. Please advise.

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  • @btosg,

    1. Yes – provided they are Registered Users. PublicSubscribers cannot pick and choose categories.

    2. Yes, but answer above still applies.

    3. Yes.

    4. Yes.

    5. No. It will be a plain text excerpt by default in Subscribe2 and Full HTML content in Subscribe2 HTML. Registered Subscribers will be able to choose from 4 different email types.

    6. Yes but you would probably need another plugin to accomplish that.

    7. No. Subscribe2 does not need or use the name information and as data protection laws around the world forbid collection of data for no purpose it is not an option. Category selection is made after sign up but there is a plugin extension the delivers front end category selection:

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