• The new user enters the event page through the referral URL. When the new user needs to register, when the login is registered, the referral link will be invalid.
    There is no method setting, the referral link is valid for a certain period of time.

    Another problem is whether the GIVEAWAY displayed in the background dashboard is only visible to the administrator. Not a menu item. It is the component that is displayed together with the event in the background.

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  • Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @jianxinnf2,

    I am not sure I understand completely what you’re asking here.

    The referral URL is unique for each subscriber and it is used to show the subscribed page for the one who gets to the giveaway page with that link. The share URL is the url that can be shared to others so when they register for the giveaway, it will also award the subscriber.

    Sharing methods can be set under Giveaways > Settings. The referral link is always valid since it does not change for a subscriber on that particular giveaway.

    I don’t understand the last part of being visible only to the administrator. Could you explain a bit better? Which component? If you’re referring to the edit page, then yes. The giveaway edit page can be viewed only by those who can manage options which, in general, are only administrators (unless you have set such capabilities to different roles).

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