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    I need to know if it is possible to configure the vendor stores to only display when the user is from a certain location.

    In other words, the store should only be shown for a specific area. Currently the user can see all products and all stores, this is impossible because there are stores that do not ship to a particular country or region.

    If it is possible to do this, how is it done?
    How can you make the user enter his or her address from the beginning and, based on that, show certain stores and products?

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    Hi @roycobain

    Apologies for the delay in response, for some reason your post didn’t trigger our system and wasn’t showing as an unresolved topic.

    We do not currently have a geo filter like the one you mention. It is most definitely possible to build one, but we currently do not have it built into either our free or pro product at this time.



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    I would like to know the price to make this customization.
    How can I contact with you?

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