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  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this plugin, it fulfills some of the requirements I have for a specialised book archive and review site, so I’m hoping I can build on this with the help of a developer.

    I found it interesting that you don’t include a data field for Publisher. I was thinking perhaps I could use Illustrator for publisher, but I think it might be better to add a Publisher field – is this easy to do? (there may be a couple of other fields that I will want also).

    I was thinking also about using the SearchWP plugin with this so I could have a custom search field. Do you think there would be any problem in using SearchWP with this?

    Last but not least, I have data in a spreadsheet on several thousand books that I would like to add to my site. Would it be possible to do a bulk data import via phpMyAdmin?


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  • Plugin Author Chris Reynolds


    Publisher is definitely on the list of things to be added it just hasn’t happened as I haven’t had time to work on the plugin. You could use something like Illustrator as Publisher, but you’d have to edit the translation files otherwise it would still display as Illustrator. You could also creaa fork of the plugin and put it into a new directory and just rename everything that was Illustrator to Publisher. That would be pretty easy but I would recommend keeping the original plugin installed so when I do have a chance to release an update you are at least informed about it.

    SearchWP would work fine with this plugin. I’ve worked a lot with SearchWP so I can say that with full confidence.

    As for a bulk import — it’s something I get asked about on occasion and I haven’t built a solution (or even really looked into it heavily). It’s a more complex thing than just dropping something into phpMyAdmin because the data doesn’t just live in one database table. Unfortunately it’s a manual process for now.

    Glad you are enjoying the plugin and I hope this helps.

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