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  • Hi all,
    I want to upgrade from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1, but before I do, I wanna know the following:
    1) which files shouldn’t I overwrite?
    2) After uploading the new files, should I run upgrade.php?

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  • 1) Any files you have changed yourself. Normally the only file you wouldn’t overwrite is index.php, and maybe the CSS (if you didn’t change the file name). If you have installed mods you may need to check what files were changed with them.
    2) You don’t need to run upgrade.php this time as there have been no database changes. Just upload the files 🙂

    I dont think I should follow your advice, cause that would mean I’d overwrite config.php, the layout and other files I’ve changed. If I don’t have to overwrite those files to upgrade, which files in 1.2.1 really are changed? (coming from 1.2.0).
    In other words: which files solve the security issues and give more functions to wp?

    When I updated to 1.2.1 on my test blog I overwrote everthing but index.php. Your layout should be included in index.php and a CSS file. Nothing else.
    From Dev Blog:

    Upgrading from 1.2 is very easy. Your existing templates and plugins should work just fine; all you need to do is overwrite the wp-* files and folders. To upgrade:
    1. Download 1.2.1
    2. Unzip
    3. Upload the new files to your site, taking care not to overwrite anything you may have modified like index.php

    I know, but I translated some files into dutch and altered the wp-layout.css to fit my wishes. So it would be nice to know whicht files are really necessary to update, to benefit the new options and to solve the security issues. Anyone?

    It worked,
    I just safely uploaded one directory at a time to see if things would still work. The files I didn’t upload were:
    And everything seems to be working ok!

    Is there a diff anywhere detailing changes between 1.2 and 1.2.1? I have made some minor changes to function files to fix trackbacks, get rid of comment slashes etc., so it would be very useful to know which files I actually need to replace and which ones I can leave as they are. I am also on dial-up and would like to keep my upload time to a minimum, please 😉

    yeap. i got some hacks which required me to change 2 core files of WP. it would very helpful if we can get the filenames which were actually changed! 🙂

    i know that any file modified like index.php but if i uplaod config.php the setting of connecting to database will damaged. my site is and my email is if you can please contact me and say about files that must upload on site.

    Where did you see a config.php file in the downloaded 1.2.1? I couldn’t find it. The package always comes with a config-sample file that you have to modify and save as config. So, I don’t see the problem.

    I did a quick sort by date…
    Had a date of 10/05/2004 – anyone care to comment if we update just these files we will have the “fixes?”

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    That looks right.

    I just uploaded the changes I documented and it all seems to still be working, hopefully I have all the security updates working.
    Maybe in the future they will release update files only, or confirm that a update by date option works just fine.

    Thanks everyone, will have to compare these with the edited files and possibly re-do any changes before uploading. This is just a security patch, right? no other bugfixes besides the two in the devblog? It could save me some cutting and pasting if you fixed some other stuff while you were in there…

    No good for me; when I uploaded the short list of files above, I could no longer log in. The “email the password” feature worked, but it sent me a string of Base64 code; tried to log in with it, but no go.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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