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  • As I understand it, this plugin “syncs” the WoCommerce inventory and the Clover inventory? Does this mean that the two inventories will be identical? And if so, what happens if when installed, the WooCommerce inventory is not the same as the Clover inventory?

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  • Also, what is the difference between this and the WooCommerce Clover Payment Gateway?

    That’s a great question.

    We offer two plugins on WordPress:
    1.) Smart Online Order Click Here
    2.) Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway click here

    -The Smart Online Order Plugin is designed for restaurants, it syncs with the Clover Inventory

    – The Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway is designed for retail. It does not sync with the Clover Inventory.

    The Woo-Commerce Payment gateway takes the payment from your Clover Device and sends it to your Clover POS. It will also print to your Clover Device.

    The Smart Online Order Plugin uses the Clover Inventory while the Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway uses the Woo-Commerce Inventory.

    Think of the Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway as an ability to accept payments using your Clover POS

    While these are two different plugins found on WordPress, they both connect and use the same app on Clover. For example, you would download the Smart Online Order app on Clover click here:

    You can learn more here:

    I hope this information helps.

    You may also send an email if you have further questions: or call: 925-234-5554

    Just for restaurants? So this plugin would be inappropriate for a brick and mortar shop that sold other things such as – say – perfume?

    And, does this plugin bring customer data into to Clover application such that a Clover CRM app would have access to WordPress customer information?

    For Brick and Mortar I would recommend the Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway for Clover as this one works better for retail. It will print the orders to your Clover Device. It uses the Woo-Commerce Inventory and keeps the Clover Inventory independent View Here

    Here is an example of retail using Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway for Clover: View Here

    It uses the Woo-Commerce Inventory while the payment is processed by the Clover Device. The customers information will remain on your Woo-Commerce so you can print the shipping labels and make other contact with the client.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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