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  • Hi,

    If i understood, the difference with the website, all my answer and files clients will be save on my servor, 123form can’t see them or have access these documents, answers form, i can write in my therms and service all is on our server ?

    it is possible to docload and transfert all the form we have on our account 123form on the webiste ? =/

    Your new method for put our form, it is this ? we connect our account with key api and select our form ? No ? =’D

    Sorry for my bad english, i am french,
    Have a good day ! =D
    Also your link here don’t work 🙂
    Please see [author’s blog](

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for bringing the invalid link to our attention.

    Only our special plugin CaptainForm, developed for WordPress offers submission storage on your own server.

    However, the submission data can only be accessed via the CaptainForm plugin found in WordPress Dashboard.

    And yes in order to publish a form created with 123FormBuilder you will need to install the plugin (not CaptainForm), connect the API Key and select the desired form from the dropdown.

    Have a fantastic week ahead!

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    Wo ..

    Perhaps good news if i understood good you english : no need to do one time again all the forms in captain form ?
    I can connect the API and select ?

    If yes, what happend ? On copy appear in my plugin captain form with transfer and i can do modifications ?
    And after i can delete the forms in 123form account and the forms who was transfered stay in Captain form ?

    Or i mustn’t delete them ?
    (i would like delete after in 123forms and just forms clients stay in the 123form website)

    I realize, it’s good i asked also here !

    All agents don’t said the same things !

    First agent : i can save the files and results on my server with the plugin 123form
    Second agent : i can’t do it, it’s just with captain form ! But i must to rewrite, do, all my forms
    You : i can connect my api and connect my forms !

    It’s not serious, i am happy to be too late for do this part

    Have a good day, i wait your answer



    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I will clarify a few details below regarding the difference between our two services, 123FormBuilder and CaptainForm:

    – forms can be published on any website.
    – you can publish the forms created with 123FormBuilder on WordPress only by installing the 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress.
    – no option to save the data on your own server.

    – forms created with CaptainForm can be published only on WordPress.
    – in order to be able to create forms, you need to add our CaptainForm plugin to your WordPress, install it and create an account.
    – you have the option to save the data on your own server.

    123FormBuilder and CaptainForm are two different services and two separate accounts are needed if you want to create forms using both.

    The 123FormBuilder plugin for WordPress allows you to publish on WordPress the forms created with 123FormBuilder and it is different from the CaptainForm plugin which is a service that allows you to create forms on your WordPress website.

    Please note that it is not possible to transfer forms from the 123FormBuilder account to the CaptainForm account because they are two different platforms.

    We would appreciate if you could share with us more details about how would you need to use the forms so we can provide you with a solution that suits you.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Thread Starter anthorfacte2019


    Hi =D

    Ok, becaus ei use for my clients your super website form 123form since few years and i understood in your english i could transfert/connect my fors of your website 123form on my Captain form :p and don’t lost time for do all XD

    Thanks a lot all is good now, i wait end week and i buy 195€ / year


    Hi Michaël,

    Thank you so much for your appreciation, we are happy to hear you enjoy our services.

    We are also glad that everything was clarified and it is working properly for you now.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us each time you need assistance, we are always ready to help.

    Kind Regards.

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