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    Hi Guys,
    amazing plugin, thanks for creating…

    i have only one issue, i make an abandonmet cart, i add an email and my name, i have set 1 minute in ” Send this email after 1 minute the cart is abandoned ”
    i have set 10 minutes in “Settings” –> Cart abandoned cut-off time
    and i wait but i dont receive the email.
    THE STRANGE ISSUE I NOTICE is that if i wait for an hour for example, nothing happened, and then login to WordPress and go to REPORTS, the email send immediatelly.

    I notice that 2-3 timew.

    What is the problem?

    1. I need to add a cron on server? I have enable cron on Wp-config.
    2. I need yo logged in to wordpress to send email?

    Why this happened?
    Many Thanks

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  • Plugin Support Shravan Bhaskaravajjula


    Hello @xrisxal2000,

    Yes, you need CRON on your server to capture the abandoned carts and send the scheduled emails. Have you set up SMTP functionality on your website and tried sending a test mail from your SMTP plugin and Cart Abandonment?

    Are you receiving the test emails without any delay?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi, Sravan,
    yes i have SMTP functionality, i send test email and i receive it fine,
    i have enable in wp-config the cron but…
    i have double check this…
    i make an abandon cart, i wait 1 hours, 2 hours or more,
    i dont receive any email
    and when i logged in to website and go to reports, IMMEDIATELY i receive the email
    with the exact same time i enter to the plugin
    Its really strange, pls you should check this.


    1. i need to do anything in plesk about CRON?
    Wp-config cron is enough?

    2. The email i receive from your plugin, has an image
    see screenshot to understand. How i change this?

    Many Thanks

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    Someone to respond pls in order to know what to do!
    If we cannot reolve the issue i need to change a plugin
    Pls somenone to help

    Plugin Support CartFlows Team


    Hello @xrisxal2000,

    It seems that you are using WP Cron which runs when any user visits your site or you logged in to your site. If your site does not have traffic then this issue happens.

    Basically, this is not an issue, it is the general behavior of WP Cron.

    In this case, we suggest setting the external cron from cPanal.
    Here is the doc for the same: https://cartflows.com/docs/abandoned-orders-not-capturing/

    Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes, we are happy to help you.

    Thread Starter xrisxal2000


    i use plesk
    you have a guide for plesk?

    how pls i chage the icon on the email i receive as user??
    pls see screenshot

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    Plugin Support Shravan Bhaskaravajjula


    Hello @xrisxal2000,

    1. We don’t have a document related to Plesk settings, please check the Plesk official documentation to know how to set up an external CRON job and point to https://yourdomain.com/wp-cron.php.

    2. The email-sending mechanism/ other settings are managed by your SMTP plugin and not by the cart abandonment plugin, please check your SMTP settings to modify email settings.

    Hope this helps.

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