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    Hi Tingallin,
    Yes the “Update Uncheck” only disables the updates for itself.
    Your other plugins will continue to receive updates.

    For the A-symmetric Encryption, it depends on how you intend to use it.
    Yes, for it to be considered True A-Symmetric Encryption, you should NOT include the private key in the settings. Instead you would leave it blank and use it on a separate server or location to pull the data from the database and then Decrypt it using the Private Key. However, for testing you can place the Private key in there to test that the keys you have work. Just remember to remove it later. Also I won’t know all the scenarios that someone might use this so I left the Private Key section in there as an option.

    Some things to keep in mind when using the A-Symmetric option:

    • The data in Admin Panel will not be viewable. Instead they will show as XXXXXXXX.
    • Since the data is not viewable, any notifications, confirmation messages, etc will also show the XXXXXXXX. This is because by default Gravity Forms uses the data in the database that was created instead of using POST data. I might work on an update that allows you to choose between using the data or using POST data. Will keep you posted.
    • I currently don’t have any code available for you to easily add it to another server to decrypt the data. For now you will have to reference the plugin’s Decrypt function to write your own code.
    Plugin Author Gravitate


    Hi Tingallin,
    I wanted to Reply with a new idea that didn’t quite register with me until just now.

    You can use A-Symmetric Encryption and leave the Private Key blank.

    Then when you need the data go ahead and place in the Private key and save the settings. You should now be able to see the entries in the forms. You can even run the Forms -> Exports to export a file.

    Once you are done doing what you needed to do then Remove the Private Key and make sure to Save the settings again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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