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  • Anyone know of a plugin where you can flag certain posts as “questionable” or need to be over 18 to view, and then before the post is viewed it takes you to a page making you confirm your age, and then store a cookie remembering that info?

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  • No, but seems like a good idea!

    Looks like you have a new project in your future — lemme know when it’s done 🙂

    You think maybe having the plugin let you type in which categories are questionable would be a good way to go about this?

    I have never written a WordPress plugin, I guess now will be a good time to start.

    Yeah, the plugin should read the post’s category, and if it’s one of the categories you’ve pre-identified as “adult”, it will go to the age verification page..

    Ok. Here is a plugin question. Is there a hook that allows me to do a function before the page even loads? Should I just use the wp_head hook?

    When I use the wp_head hook, how do I get category information (ids) for a single post?

    If your “Adult” content is still going to appear in the posts on the index page, you may want to consider replacing the content with an appropriate bit of text or an image.

    Sorry I can’t help with the programming. 8-(

    Well, I do flag the posts with NSFW. I just want to have an additional layer for the individual page, especially for people who come in through search engines.

    Hey Berg — Google Adsense didn’t have any issues when reviewing your site with the NSFW content?

    I’m trying to figure out what ya can get away with with Adsense and their TOS as I have some NSFW stuff on my site here and there also…

    I know sites with porn/explicit pix are not allowed, but are you allowed to *link* to sites with nudity if your own site doesn’t contain any? Artful nudity? Thongs and the like? 🙂

    Been trying to figure this out, but Google wont say (they’re super vague in their emails) and I cant find any info anywhere..

    No, weren’t any issues. Plus, I wouldn’t say that my site really contains “Adult” content, I just wanted to post some pics of chicas and wanted a good way to warn people. I would think as long as it is not the main focus of your site you should be ok. Plus, maybe just don’t show the pics on your home page.

    Nice pics by the way.

    Nice pics by the way.

    lol, thanks 🙂

    Yeah, I’m thinking of just doing text links when I’m gonna post NSFW entries.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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