Question: Users following multiple sites - do we need BP? (6 posts)

  1. Norbert McDorbert
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello, i have revised this post now for 20 minutes as i read and do demos, etc. Instead of trying to explain how i was thinking about doing it, I will explain my goals

    My goal is to have three levels of users on a multisite (3.0.1)

    Main network

    Sites on multisite (subdom, and perhaps domain mapped for those with extenal domains


    Goal for subscribers is to allow a user account to Follow multiple sites. Ideally, when they log in, they can see sites they are following, and perhaps recent activity/posts.

    However, i do not want to clutter it with freind requests, silly comments. etc.

    All I am really after is a subscriber option that will work across entire multi site install.

    Do I need buddypress to do this, or is there a much easier to use plugin you all may suggest?

    My apologies if i am not making a whole lot of sense :)

  2. No, you do not need BuddyPress. BP doesn't even have that option.

    Right now, I know of no working plugin that will give you this.

    Yes, I do understand it's basically the same new feature that wordpress.com has implemented recently. I do think they may be releasing it as a plugin at some point.

  3. Norbert McDorbert
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I didnt even realize that wordpress.com implemented it.

    I do see the user roles in 3.0.1, but I cant seem to find anything that takes advantage of this beyond admin access?

  4. All I am really after is a subscriber option that will work across entire multi site install.

    You know when users are logged in, they are logged in across the entire site? AKA all blogs? so if you have "must be logged in to comment" they can comment.

  5. Norbert McDorbert
    Posted 5 years ago #

    yep - got that part down. Was just hoping for an rss aggregator of sorts. I didnt evne know about the subscriber functionality on .com. The more i read up on it, that is what I am after.

    Untill then, I will just hunt for a fairly easy to use RSS Manager i guess. Any suggestions?

    (paid doesnt bother)

    btw, stumbled across a certain someones site replicator plugin. Very cool. Going to get :)

    Now i just need a framework (looking at genesis) and few more plugins and i can start actually doing vs theorizing

  6. That's what I'm saying, there isn't anything working out there, paid or otherwise, that does anything close to what you want. :)

    and yeah, start building. :D Sometimes ideas change when you get your hands dirty.

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