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    I am using theme Twenty Ten with a few minor edits to it such as font sizes and colors, etc… I remember last time I updated I had to go back and re-edit in all the changes I had made, but this time there are even more and I don’t have a list of everything I have changed.

    I am just looking for the best way to do this update to 3.1.1 and then get my site back looking like it is now the quickest. Sorry if this has been answered before but I was unable to find a resolved post.

    Thanks for you help in advance.

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  • OK, I believe what I have to do is a child theme and I am reading the article about that.

    Could I also just rename the twenty ten theme I edited and then activate the edited theme; then do the upgrade and it will only upgrade wordpress and not change my theme?

    changing the name of a live theme is a bad idea, especially twentyten has good info on child themes

    you could use ftp to download the entire twentyten theme you have customized to your computer

    Then change the twentyten folder name to something else

    And in style.css change the theme name

    Then zip it all and install like a normal theme

    As long as the folder and the style.css header are changed, its a new theme

    Child themes are best, because if twentyten gets updated in the future and you are using a child theme, you benefit from the update. If you branch it to a new theme, it becomes static

    Thanks, it does look like child theme is the way to go. Just one more question before I mark as resolved; so I only use the files style.css and function.php in my child theme then the rest will work off of the parent Twenty Ten? What if say I edited the header.php file to make my header image click-able, do i then also add that file to my child theme?

    You only need style.css to make a child theme

    You can use the @import rule to pull all twentyten’s style, and override the rules you want. Or not use the @import and copy over all the styling and edit.

    It depends how heavy your editing will be

    As for functions.php, you only add it if you need new functionality. Twentyten’s is always used. you can add/delete/modify functionality through your child functions.php
    I have a bunch of stuff about that on

    As for the header, you would copy over the header.php to your child theme, with your edits. Any file in your child theme over rules the parent theme (except the style.css and functions.php as noted)

    I use a child theme on voodoopress, header.php is one of the only files I copied over, for the same reasons as you. I modified it heavily, including linking.

    I try to do any changes I can through my child functions.php rather than by copying a template over, but for header.php it couldn’t be avoided

    OK thanks voodoo, I will check out your site and make my child’s theme.

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