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    We are using WPMS to build all of the sites for our local school system. This will include the main system site, all department sites, and all school sites. All told it will be 140+ sites on WPMS.

    We are developing this on a dedicated server, but the their current site has to stay live until this one is done. So I’ll need to build it in the dev server, then when it’s ready to go live, migrate the naming to the live convention (although on the same server.)

    They want to use sub-domains, which has proved tricky to set up and plan for the move. I’d appreciate any input as the how this plan sounds.

    1. Set up WPMS at at our dev server (a remote, dedicated server) using the dedicated IP address assigned to it, and sub-domaining. So the site would be accessible at, and sub sites would be http://subsite.

    2. Once the sites were built and we were ready to transition to the live address, I’d follow the directions here ( and here(

    3. We should end up with a domain of (which would be swapped out with the IP address in teh DB) and sub-domains would be

    Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Another solution would be to have your dev server set up from the beginning to use Then, on your local machine, modify your hosts file to point to the dev server’s IP address. This way you won’t need to do any database changes.

    Thanks Tim. The client will need to be working on both this dev site and their live site at the same time. How would you recommend handling that?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    The client would need to follow the same directions about modifying the hosts file. So, when they want to work on the live site, they’d need to comment out (disable) the hosts file entry. When they want to work on the dev site, they enable the hosts file entry.

    This can be a bit technical for the client to work with, but in the end it would save you a lot of hassle with launching the new WP-based site, I think.

    Thanks- that’s perfect! We’ve created a master file for everyone involved in the project to work from, so as we make changes, we can keep all on the same sheet of music. (It has 170+ entries!)

    Thanks again, Tim. You’ve really been so helpful!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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