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  • Hey everyone!

    I have a small problem which I can’t seem to resolve. I’ve built a webpage for myself using php and css and it’s working great. Only problem is that I would like one of the pages to be my “journal” (blog) and I also would like my latest post to be on the front page. So first I tried to include the blog into div tags on my front page but that didn’t seem to work.. So yesterday I tried to build my whole page as a theme for wordpress, but I can’t seem to get it working at all… Either I get my design working but all the links are broken or either I only get text on a white blank page.

    Now I’m quite frustrated and don’t know what to do.
    My primary goal is to have a page with several div tags on the front page and then 4 other pages (About me, Journal, Portfolio and Contact). I could probably do this in wordpress but I want my own design so I have to use what I already have if you get me.

    This is a basic picture showing my layout atm and what I would like to do with it: Layout

    As i said, the page is built with pure css and include scripts in php.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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  • Thanks alot! That works great… Unfortunately I only have one problem with those scripts. Let’s say I show one post in my div tag and then if a user would like to “Continue Reading” or maybe comment and they click a link they get forwarded to my actual blog… I would like the rest of the post appear in a clean div on my homepage.
    So that they never come in actual contact with the blog (only the text displayed on my page).

    Is that possible to manage?

    Since i’m not that good at explaining i tried to draw a picture explaining what I would like to do. When I drew the picture I made the layout as a theme for wordpress and that is actually what I would like to have.

    Look at this picture first

    As of now i use this command for my .php links (this string in index.php):

    	$_GET['p'] = (isset($_GET['p'])) ? $_GET['p'] : "home";
    	$_GET['p'] = str_replace("..\\", "", str_replace("../", "", $_GET['p']));

    And then further down I have a “content div” with the following code:

    <div id="content"><?php
    				if(is_file("content/" .$_GET['p'] .".php"))
    					include("content/" .$_GET['p'] .".php");

    So when you enter my page you will see home.php in the “content div”. And when you press for example the “about” button, about.php is called for inside the “content div”.

    But I can’t seem to get it working as a wordpress theme.

    I hope this made things clearer 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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