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  • Make change (override parent’s) the width of #content to 980px

    #content { width: 980px; }

    Also, it looks like you have double parent stylesheet in child. You only need that @import line and make changes down below, there is no need to copy over the whole thing there.

    And this type of image used as background image should be saved as jpg. Now it’s saved in png with a size of 500KB. When optimized for web and saved to jpg, it’s become 49KB.

    Okay thanks!

    Changed it to jpeg and not its solid grey.

    Ohh you meant the Bodybuilder pic…my bad…pulled an all nighter.

    Thanks again! made the changes you suggested…not sure about the double parent stylesheet but will figure it Would you recommend the site with the black transparent blocks or without? Thanks!

    This theme you are using is a good theme, it’s by Automattic.

    There is a few tweaks that you should consider.

    If you want the background image to be “real” full width regardless of the screen size, put this in child stylesheet.

    html body {
    	background-attachment: fixed;
    	background-size: cover;

    Right now it might look cover to you, but if you are using a bigger screen you would see the background image not covering all.

    Also, there are too many items in the menu, when hovering on it kinda mess with the last one that’s already on the second line. For this, one of the menu item should be removed.

    Regarding the double parent stylesheet in child. It’s just that you already have @import line, there is no need to copy over everything again.

    If not already yet, review this doc on child theme.

    Took out one of the menu items but now the nav is too short…any suggestions? I adding in that code for the background photo…thanks again!

    I made the font smaller in the nav menu….any suggestions on how to make the background (transparent one) go the width of the content block and header? Thank you so much! I get it now with having all that css copied again in my style.css I am too chicken to take anything out at this

    Thanks again for your helpful suggestions.

    Quick question….Do you think that the content area should have that black transparency? I removed the blocks since I could not get anything lined up perfectly and darkened the area of the background picture where the text rolls over. Thanks again.

    From what I remember, the design looks better 2 days ago with that black transparency. The spacing between header, nav, and body even make it look kind of stylish. Getting rid of the space will make it look a little too bland.

    But anyway, it’s your site your design, so it’s up to you.

    The spaces are a result of top and bottom padding or margin of those elements. You can target them using Firebug or any Inspection tool.

    Thanks,Does the text get lost without the black transparency?

    No. This background with this text color, it’s very readable to me.

    Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks again for your help! Does my background photo fully cover on wider screens? and also is there a way to change the slight coloring of the search box and button (one is active when clicking and the other is hovering)….would like it all to be gray and not orange and blue…looked everywhere with firebug but no suck luck. Thanks again!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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