• I’ve been looking at this and the paid-for plugin and have a question, having seen someone else using it.

    You have a registration addon, which can be attached to submission forms. I believe that by default yours gives newly registered users ‘contributor’ status.

    I use an alternative form and user registration method for now, and with that I give users one of 3 custom user roles (retail, wholesale and consumer) depending on the form they use to register.

    Each of these 3 user roles has the capabilities below:

    ‘read’ => true,
    ‘edit_posts’ => true,
    ‘edit_pages’ => false,
    ‘edit_others_posts’ => false,
    ‘create_posts’ => false, (distributor has this set to true)

    I am debating using your forms, with the user reg addon. I want 2 of the user roles above to be able to submit a post via a form which includes a reg form. I want them to then be able to edit their own posts, but not add new posts (so one per registration).

    Those with distributor roles will do the same as above, but be able to create additional posts (after the initial first posting and registration) via a form (hidden to all except logged-in distributors) which doesn’t have a registration component – but submit them only as draft.

    Most of this is not rocket science, I know, but does your registration system and posting setup require new users to be contributors, or doesn’t it make any difference – in terms of the form working without needing extra work/code/editing?


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  • Plugin Contributor jamie.wahlin


    Our registration add-on does not require new users to be contributors. You can set the user’s role in our Register User action.

    It sounds like you could do everything you need with Formidable and the Registration add-on. If you have any other questions about this, let us know! We recommend posting in the help desk in the future for any questions that you may have:

    Thank you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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