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    In dabbling with Categories and Tags in the creation of my site, I had recent occasion to discover that they are only displayed alphabetically by WordPress. This naturally led me to search for plugins that will allow you to reorder the categories.

    The question I have is this. In all of the documentation I have seen on the available plugins, all they seem to be dealing with is the order in which the categories display on the sidebar or across the entire site.

    What I am really looking for is one that will allow me to choose a different custom order on each individual page. ie. each page will be grouped within a dozen or so categories but I want the most important ones for that particular page to be displayed first and the less important ones last. Can someone please direct me to which of the individual plugins will allow me to do this?

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  • Categories and Tags are just ways of “grouping” posts. Normally WordPress displays results in reverse chronological order (the newest/latest post first and descending back into time). So when you normally hit a category archive view, they should appear in reverse order of when they were published.

    So if your archive results are in alphabetical order, this suggests something is changing the default WordPress behavior – perhaps your theme or some other plugin.

    If you do want to change or control the order in which results are displayed, the best option would be to learn about the wp_query class in WordPress (see in particular the Order By parameters). Then use this information to customize your theme template files (please use a child theme so your customizations don’t get overwritten by a theme update) to return results in the order you want.

    Maybe I am not explaining what it is that I am wanting here (please forgive me I am new to WordPress and some of the terminology is not always familiar to me).

    When I go to the Categories panel in WordPress there is a list of the categories there. Name, description, slug, count. The only option to order this list is by Name, which can be alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. Similarly when I look at the page under Pages and see what Categories it has been appended with, these also display alphabetically.

    Now when I go to the page itself and down the bottom where I have added a list of the categories for this particular page, the results always display alphabetically. These results are included in the body text of the page, not as a sidebar or anywhere else.

    What I am asking about is the results that are displayed on the page. How can I get WordPress or a plugin to be able to display these in the order I would like them to go?

    So on a front end view of a page – the view that a not-logged in user would see – you have a list of the categories that a page has been assigned to. And that display listing of categories on the page is done in alphabetical order, not in hierarchal order?

    Without a URL or code to see, my hunch is that this is being generated by your theme. Which theme are you using? Does your theme have options/settings to configure taxonomies like Categories? You can see if you can change things that way.

    Or you can customize your theme template files to use a customized wp_query to order terms the way you want.

    Or you can try a plugin:
    This plugin looks like it may do what you need if I understand your issue correctly:

    Perfect, that’s just what I needed. Thank you very much

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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