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    Hi, I’m trying to download a theme and after I select Open a new box opens and asks me where I want to open it. I’m not sure. Notepad? I tried that and it looks like a bunch of gibber. The instructions say “follow these basic steps” yet I am lost after the first one. What am I doing wrong? Any clearer steps would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Which theme? Where from?
    Usually they come as a zipped file, so you’ll need to unzip them.

    Any of the ones WordPress has listed in their Extend section. I tried downloading several and got the same question. Open file to….? I don’t know.

    Unzip? Is that not the same as download? If not, how do you unzip?

    How did you download and unzip the WordPress package?
    As I said themes are .zip files.
    First you download them to your hard disc (your computer).
    Then you unzip them using a program; e.g. WinZip.
    After uhnzipping you upload them to your server through a FTP client(program).

    When you click the Download link, the box will pop up asking if you want to Open with… or Save to disk. You need to Save them to disk. Then you can unzip them on your computer.

    Either way I cannot open or save to disk without the pop up box asking where to? I don’t have a WinZip program so does that mean I can’t download any themes?

    Hi, this may help to understand how to unzip files:

    When it asks you where to save it to, you have to pick where you want to save it. On your desktop? In a specific folder?

    You probably don’t need WinZip, Windows has a built in program now, I think.

    Alright, I got a WinZip program, extracted the files, saved them on my computer and found my FTP Client. Now, not sure what to do. I think I got in to my FTP directory but was lost so got out again. What do I do next?

    There is no FTP directory… unless you mean the program itself.
    Open your FTP client, make connection to your server (host) and upload the theme(s) in their own dorectory each – under wp-content/themes/.

    This is where I connected: I had a password and it let me in. There was a list of. . .things, I don’t know what for, but I saw a “directory” folder but no wp-content folder. The instructions say to create a directory in the wp-content/themes directory but couldn’t find it.

    Wait! I found it. Still haven’t figured out how to create a new directory, but I did at least find wp-content/themes.

    Maybe right clicking will give you an option to create a new directory

    I actually did it! I figured out how to create a directory for the theme, uploaded them from my computer and they are now in my wordpress. Only one more problem to solve. It doesn’t quite look right! Argh! Anyway, thanks everyone for your help! What a great forum!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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