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  • Hello,

    DreamHost support suggested this plugin to help migrate my site from an existing unlimited storage plan on an antiquated VPS to a new VPS with SSD and limited storage. My media library has about 65K images.

    Aside from taking about 20 weeks to successfully move the media library to DreamObjects, what will happen when I hit the 20k limit on images?

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  • Not sure what the answer is, BUT make sure you verify with the developer that your theme is good to go! I just wanted to say something since you have so many images. I tested a simple Genesis based site and had issues with srcset and the Genesis Framework.

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    The CDN plugin doesn’t delete your local images, either. It keeps them there for a backup.

    You can purchase more SSD storage space, though. IIRC we go from 30GB to 240GB of space.

    Thank you so much for responding!!!

    I didn’t realize that the local images were kept rather than being fully offloaded to the CDN. That wouldn’t work for what I think I need to do.

    I’ve been looking at the upgraded space option but it is somewhat price prohibitive in my case.

    Thanks again for being awesome with your plugins!

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    I’m sorry it doesn’t do what you want πŸ™ WP itself isn’t great at understanding that images are on ‘another server’ but that’s kind of because it only knows absolute file paths (like /home/domain/wp-content/ or /home/otherdomain/folder) on the same server. It’s a perfectly practical way to handle things, but it means CDNs aren’t quite the same as ‘off site storage’ when it comes to media because of that.

    There isn’t a way (that I know of) to have true off site storage and still use the media library. You certainly could manually upload files (like videos etc) to DreamObjects and then link to those directly. But that doesn’t sound like it would help you with 65k images, all of which probably have multiple sizes you need. πŸ™

    No worries πŸ™‚ I’m very much an edge case.

    I am trying something with Amazon S3 and Apache mod-rewrite now where I can manually offload already generated images in the media library to S3 and then use the mod-rewrite rules to point to the S3 bucket (or CloudFront or similar) if the image isn’t found in the local WP folder on the server. I’ll see how it does. If I need to, I could go in and modify my WP database to point to the S3 bucket directly rather than use the rewrite rules.

    Then the longer-term solution is to setup a chronjob or something similar to periodically move files in the wp-uploads folder over to S3.

    That’s basically what the WP Offload S3 plugin by Delicious Brains does except I’m doing it the hard (and much lower cost) way.

    Hmm… maybe I should document this.

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