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    Hello, Thank you for the plug-in. I am a little confused about the restore procedure. Hope you can clarify.

    I want to move the site to a new directory in the server with same domain name. I run the backitup plugin and generate the backup zip file.

    In the restore process:

    I copied new wordpress program files and the followings files from zip(plugin, theme and uploads) to the new location. Also I generate the new database.

    I haven’t run the word wordpress wp-admin/install.php script at this point.

    1) Should I load the sql script from the backup file at this point before running install.php? Do I need to run the install script at all.

    2) What about users? Do I need to recreate users or use the same user name, password?

    3) What about the uploaded image? I copy the files to the wp-content/uploads directory. Is the sql script going to create the proper link?

    Hope you can help. Thanks.



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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