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  • chrisbutler



    I am creating a site where a subscriber gets X amount of credits every month for either a annual or monthly subscription price.

    What I would like to do it have those credits only be able to be used on certain products at certain times.

    For example, let’s say I have 10 different restaurants on my site that offer free desserts with a subscription to my site. “Restaurant A” may allow 2 free desserts per subscriber per week while “Restaurant B” allows 6 free desserts per subscriber per week, and so on for all 10 restaurants. Also, each subscriber can only redeem one dessert per restaurant, per day. So if I am a subscriber and I go to “Restaurant A”‘s site, I click redeem dessert, I can’t redeem another until the next day, and as stated above, I am only allowed two total per week. Then after a week, the process automatically resets.

    Do you understand my example above? If so, is this possible?


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