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  • vinyl_barstool


    I have reviewed previously asked questions about width, and just want to bring it all together.

    I am using Kubrick (you can see my site from my link)… and my partner wants to be able to add a comic strip to the main post column. He would like me to widen that column, however, I am unsure as to what values to mess with.

    I have tried messing with #page width tag, but that makes it look goofy all over.

    After reading the previous responses, I am guessing it is impossible to do this without re-writing the CSS?

    Bonus Question: Exactly what values in which files should I be targeting in on?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • moshu


    The width is defined by your (=Kubrick) background image:
    You will have to modify that one and after that to play with the css.



    Thank you. I will change the width of that image. Once I do that, will all the width values I need to change be found on the ‘stylesheet’?



    Basically yes, but be aware that a lot of styling (bg images, header image etc.) are located in the header.php.



    You’re talking about the main post column, not the whole design. In style.css look for .narrowcolumn and reset its width from 450px to a little more, and perhaps reduce the left margin also. This way you will be able to avoid widening the whole default design and the background images. The default template design is set to display inside an 800 pixels wide window without a horizontal scrollbar.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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