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  • Hi,

    We need some help.

    We are completing a multisite network solution. Some of our clients want to use their own domains while others want to use the subdirectory.

    So our network will look like this:
    – Main site:
    – Subsite A:
    – Subsite B:

    We would like our users stay logged in when navigating inside the network.

    What should we use as the htaccess code? Anything that we can use right away is greatly appreciated.

    Also, what about the SSL. We use letsencrypt SSL.

    We know how to handle DNS in Cloudflare. In this case, anything we should pay attention to.

    Thanks a lot


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    You should be able to add additional domains (not alias domain, that’s something different) through your hosting panel that sends domain requests to whatever subfolder of the main site. Doing so sets up a virtual host entry on the server. Clearly users cannot add domain based sites on the fly like they can subfolder sites.

    The domain based site also needs its site URL set to the domain in network sites admin, otherwise WP will rewrite requests to the subfolder URL.

    User logins should normally be valid for all sites in which the user has been added, however, this cannot be true for domain based sites due to browser x-site security measures. Similar issue with SSL certificates, they are domain based so every different domain needs its own certificate installed.

    Normally, when you log in to any network site using multiple domains, cookies are only set for the domain you log in to. But there are workarounds to make it work across multiple domains.

    The answer is a little lengthy, so I am pointing you to this article on StackOverflow.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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