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  • I’m using WP 3.1.3 with WPFolio 1.72. I’m having problems with any arrow (next and previous posts, any “next”) and the link “Edit this” (when I’m logged in) are with a question mark instead of the arrow.

    As I wanted to get rid of the arrows for previous/next post, I’ve edited single.php and index.php and deleted the references to previous_post and it seems to be working (as at the bottom of this post).

    But I’m still seeing a question mark with “Edit this” and under any category or tag view.

    Any suggestion on how to solve this?

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  • To edit theme files you should create a child theme to edit the content – this keeps the modifications intact for when the theme updates and makes it much easier to track down errors in your changes.

    I would recommend replacing the files you changed with the originals to overwrite any mistakes. Then to get rid of the navigation links, make your child theme and add this to style.css:

    .prevnext {
        display: none;

    This will hide the page navigation section and you don’t have to change any of the theme files. Good luck! And nice looking site btw.

    Thanks… notlaura? 🙂

    In relation to creating a child theme, I’m aware of this, but I must confess that as a non-tech person (we’re a non-profit, and I’m the coordinator of the institution and the person who takes care of the website) some comments about problems creating a child theme have scared me.

    Do you have any suggestions for creating a child theme a posteriori? I’ve made changes in many files. I have thought of comparing all files and from this creating a child theme.

    In relation to style.css, after you message I’ve noticed that the question marks are there:

    prev :before{
    	content: "? ";
    	font-size: 1.2em;
    .next :after{
    	content: " ?";
    	font-size: 1.2em;

    Most probably some plugin, or even our migration from one server to another, has made this.

    The question mark is also here:

    .edit-link a:before{
    	content:"? ";
    	font-size: 1.3em;

    So… it’s explained. I’m not sure what caused this.

    Thanks again!

    I think this has to do with your text editor’s encoding. Those question marks should be arrows –← for prev and $rarr;, for next – if you change the ?s to those they should work. The document encoding should be UTF-8 – WPFolio is, but sometimes text editors will ask you if you want to change it when you open the files for the first time.

    And definitely do not be afraid of child themes! WPFolio even comes with a ready made one. You may want to start on one in preparation for the next update – updating rewrites the theme files and you will lose all of your changes in the affected files.

    Yes, I’m aware that a theme update causes the loss of all changes. It took a long time (and the new WP3 menus) for me to update our site.

    I’ll take some time to study child themes. Basically the main reason for my fear is the fact that we’ve made changes to many files besides the style sheet (function.php, for example, to remove “private” or “password protected”), and most of what I’ve read until now refers to the style sheet.

    Thanks again!

    The question mark next to “edit this” does have to do with your text encoding. It’s supposed to be a little pencil html graphic.

    Here’s some more info on character encoding:

    If you’ve modified fucnctions.php in the past, you’re ready for child themes!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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