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  • See if the TDO Mini Forms plugin will do.

    @vtxyzzy, thanks. That might be a solution.

    A perfect solution would likely involve letting anyone (without logging in) use the New Post page and restricting every new post to Pending Review status. If it were safe to do. Maybe similar to how anyone can leave comments without logging in. I’d prefer if the usual wysywyg tools were available to them.

    I don’t use the TDO Mini Forms, but I remember reading that you can enable the Visual editor for the text input fields. Maybe I saw that on the plugin home page.

    Looking at the codex, the Contributor role seems a good fit. They can create (edit/delete) posts but not publish. Maybe something that allows anyone to have contributor access without an actual user account.

    Maybe the ability to use an existing account (OpenID, Facebook, Twitter) to create a contributor account on the blog would be a backup plan. I’d just like to avoid the extra user/pass account creation as much as possible. I feel that submissions will be more likely this way.

    I may just need to go with the built-in solution. Set ‘New User Default Role’ to Contributor in Dashboard/Settings. Maybe adding something like the following plugin to enhance registration.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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