• Hello,

    As of GPL, I can fork it and change the name of the plugin and can start as a new plugin. Of course, I will take care of new plugin development. So just want to confirm with you.


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  • Hi Cantothemes,

    Many thank you for your questions.

    You can do what you want with this version such as integrate with your theme, change the style. But we not allow all action commercialization our plugin in other name.
    We will do all things to stop that actions.

    I saw that seem you are theme author, we are open free license Commerce in one year for theme author. Please contact to us at contact@king-theme.com for more details.

    Hope that convenient for your plan.

    Best regards,


    Hello Anthony,

    As of GPL anyone can modify it. Share it. But modified version should be in same license (GPL). If you are not giving this freedom then why it’s under GPL license? And also this plugin is under now GPL so already have this freedom. If you licensed under GPL, you should respect GPL. Yes if some one fork and modified, he/she can’t sell it. But he/she can redistribute it with same license (GPL). I think you should rethink about your plugin license.

    Here is some sort note about GPL:

    GPLv2: Modify, Share and Redistribute. Redistribute should be free and same license.
    GPLv3: Modify, Share and Redistribute. Redistribute is not required as free but same license (GPLv3).

    Just think about Linux. You will get full concept about GPL.


    Hi Raju,

    Thank you for your inform. About the slack group, I can not not login for checking.

    I think we will switch to GPLv3.

    Hope that convenient for your plan.

    Best regards,


    Still this is same. Redistribute is allowed at both version of GPL License. And also to keep plugin at WP repository, you must need to keep your plugin and other assets under GPL license.

    So I hope understand that it’s allowed. Also bellow the message from slack:

    [2:44 PM]
    Plugins on .org are all GPL and you ca nfork them and have a great time

    There’s no problem submitting your new work as long as it’s not a direct copy of a plugin without modifications


    Of course you can fork, no matter what they are saying.
    Since their work is also just scraped-together code from other projects, they can’t deny it.
    (even if they do so here; there are licenses… 🙂

    Hi lonesomewalker,

    Your kind words are crushing on what we did and our efforts to build this plugin.
    You never find any code on our plugin in other plugin.

    Of course with GPL3, You just can make plugin and release in GPL. No problem.

    Hope that make sense.

    Best regards,


    Well, you started.

    Of course there is many code of your “plugin” elsewhere.
    Or did you forget all the nice js files?

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