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    Hi Javier,

    Now this plugin works great for my website.
    Just a question, in the cron import tab, “Delete users that are not present in the CSV?”
    Is this only for non admin users or the entire users list?
    Because currently, only customers in the CSV, the rest, admin, shop manager etc are not included in the CSV.

    Also, is this deleting function based on column 1 (username) or column 2(email address)?

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    I answer you step by step:
    1) yes all non-admin users are deleted so take care about it
    2) plugin find users by username



    I have the Delete users that are not present in the CSV? option checked but when I remove a user from the CSV the user is still in the Users table.

    Do I need to do something in addition to the above checkbox being enabled for the tool to delete users who are not present in the CSV?

    I am using the Cron Import for this.

    Plugin Author Javier Carazo



    No it should be enough.

    There is some kind of error maybe. Have you seen the logs?

    Hi Javier and thank you for this great utility plugin.
    I have the same issue : some users not present in the csv are still in the site user list. I do have an error regarding the import of 1 user (incorrect email address) that may hapend bc the import is based on an external site where I have no control. Could this break the whole process somehow and prevent the deleting phase ?
    Note : I’m using a WP MUltisite install + scheduled import, import/update seems to work fine.

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    Plugin Author Javier Carazo



    Yes, the delete process only fires if all the import is correct.

    If there is some error or warning, we do not activate it (just to be sure).

    Ok, fine. That’s indeed a secure approach. Maybe you could note it on the admin panel in regard to the parameter field ? Will add a step to check emails before FTPing it. Thanks for the blazing fast answer !

    Plugin Author Javier Carazo


    Sorry I do not understand well your question.

    Could you try to explain a bit more?

    I mean : maybe you could write this somewhere on the automatisation page, around the section where we can activate the deletion of non included accounts. In the same idea, maybe add that “administrators won’t be deleted anyway” (this would relax a lot of users, I’m pretty sure – spent myself some time to add manually admins on top of my csv file !) .
    Sorry for my poor English and again, thanks !

    Plugin Author Javier Carazo



    Thanks I have just included it!!

    thank you !

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