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  • I have installed half a dozen different plugins for WordPress to combat spam. Nothing works. Or if it does, it requires constant attention (adding new things to blacklists or approving/rejecting messages).

    Normal people don’t have time for this. Normal people don’t have time to hunt through readme files to install the latest plugin, check if they have all the requirements for the latest CAPTCHA plugin which may have been cracked, or to configure the latest variation of the blacklist.

    Normal people want to post to their blog, have normal people comment to their postings, and that is it….

    Please tell me:

    1) how to turn OFF ALL comments on ALL postings on WordPress. If this cannot be done retroactively, why is this feature not already in WordPress?

    2) how to stop ALMOST ALL spam so I never have to moderate messages, install multiple plugins, and moderate/update blacklists etc.

    If this cannot be done, or hasn’t been done, how can we expect beginners, who I have worked hard to attract to wordpress and blogging in general to this medium of web publishing?

    I’ve reached the end of my patience with comment spam and trackback spam, all interactivity that makes the blog a wonderful tool is, as a result useless…it simply contributes to my email spam (in the case of moderation) or wastes my time by having to attend to blacklists every other day…

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  • Personally, I use the following 3 plugins to combat spam, and so far it’s 100% successfull:
    Bad Post ID
    URI Blocklist
    Spam Stopgap

    I even deleted all the words from the built-in moderation/blacklist boxes (except for “online-poker” in the blacklist one). I haven’t had a spam post for 5 or 6 weeks now 🙂

    Course, I haven’t noticed any trackback spam yet – I don’t think any of these plugins will help with that…

    Your frustration is understandable, as most, if not all of us, have felt the same way. I myself shut down my whole blog because I was so ticked off at the depraved spam content I was hit with, but that’s not the solution. There are many people working on the problem from all angles, and not just in the WordPress world, either. We just have to have the attitude that we need to outlast the spammers.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Also, it’s just normal people writing the plugins to fight this, it’s normal people trying to help here.

    WP is free.
    The help you see here is given freely.
    The spam is the price to pay.
    My perspective.

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    Podz, I completely agree with you.

    Now, as for turning off comments completely, just delete wp-comments-post.php. This, contrary to popular belief, is a feature built into WordPress. How do you turn off comments with out deleting wp-comments-post.php? Uncheck the selection in Options/Discussions. This disables comments for all future posts. To disable comments on all past posts, edit each post manually and disallow comments. IMO, it’s easier to delete wp-comments-post.php.

    As for good plugins which will destroy most, if not all, spam.
    A complete list of anti-spam solutions are available here:

    Again, let me re-state:

    WP is free and community supported/developed.
    The help you see here is given freely by volunteers from the community.
    The spam is the price to pay on any and all blogs.

    I only discovered that my site, which is online, but not yet active received 6 spam comments, which were taken care off by one of the three plugins I have:

    Spam Karma
    Spam Words
    Spaminator (not enabled)

    And of course WP 1.5’s own built in list of spam tools. I’ll be turning off things like Trackback and Pinkback, I don’t quite know what they do, but I don’t care either if it means I don’t get messages about texas holdem or whatever.

    I think prevention is the only way to stop spam, because spamming has grown and will grow – with blogs it’s much easier than a typical website that doesn’t allow comments and such. You have to be realistic that when you allow an open forum to have discussion you will also invite a bunch of bastards to spam – of course this is all done indiscrinately by bots which spam sites en masse. You’re not being picked on, even if you feel that way, but blaming WP is not the answer – you will find the same problems any and all blogging systems.

    No follow is an interesting option, but it’s no solution – because spamming will still continue. I don’t honestly see the point in it, because we don’t care if they get their page rank, it’s a case of dont’ do it to us. No follow will not stop this in any shape, it will help google and other search engines, not the sites themselves. They will still get spammed by bots – you don’t have individuals checking if the site will increase their ranking, because for every 100 sites that don’t, another thousand will appear that do (these are figures from the air).

    Plugins are being developed what is not a new wave, but one which has grown faster than people expected – and spamming has evolved very quickly. If we could get the spammer to co-operate with the plugin makers, that would be great, but I don’t see this happening.

    Good luck

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