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  • I was wandering through Rosie’s blog today. I want to add a section to my site where people can submit random questions that I can answer later, like this:

    I already use VaamYob’s very cool FAQ plugin elsewhere on my site, but it won’t really allow me to do a daily or weekly sort of thing.

    I also looked at Brian’s Threaded Comments as a possibility.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for something closer?

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  • lisa: It just looks like a standard “comment” plugin for the ask a question bit. The list of questions/answers are just put together on the blog into posts & style appropriately.

    Basically: Allow people to send in questions whenever they want as comments (e.g. to your email) and then post answers on the blog on a daily/weekly basis.

    At least thats what I think is going on!

    Hmm. OK, that makes sense. I was thinking that the questions were going into a queue somewhere, being moderated, and then answered. I can’t imagine that it’s being done manually on a site that does this kind of volume.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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