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    We have a a site with a blog and store (wp e-commerce with gold cart), and have spent countless hours changing and fixing code at different levels ie CSS, PHP in many different files (margins and padding for example), to get it just the way we like it.

    If we upgrade to version 3.0 will all of our changes and fixes need to be done again?

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  • Why update? If it aint broken dont fix it.

    Why update? If it aint broken dont fix it.

    that’s a terrible idea. WP needs to be updated. Some updates include vital security fixes

    Anyway, @alexpierce, updating WP does not affect your theme. As long as it’s not the default theme you updated (and actually, moving to WP3.0 won’t affect that either) I assume all of your php and css modifications were done to a theme?

    If you modified core WP files, that’s a bad idea from the start. Those changes would be lost. Core WP files, and the default themes that come with WP shouldn’t be edited. However, on an upgrade, non WP default themes and plugins aren’t touched. Well coded themes that worked in WP2.9.2 should have no problems with WP3.0

    As always……backups are important!

    Thanks RVoodoo, I am pretty sure we have not modified core WP files, thats over our heads. So will all of our WP settings stay the same if we upgrade?





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    Yes, they should do. The main WP 3.0 issues appear to be related to:

    – plugins
    – some older themes
    – plugins
    – memory issues
    – oh… and plugins.

    See for the most common issues encountered.

    Cool, appreciate your answer. I think its time to upgrade.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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