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  • I’m with a host where I get unlimited space and unlimited traffic, and I’m looking to get more into video (basketball footage). I just want to upload the video into folder and play it on my site. Some of the files are too large for YouTube, and I’d like to have more control over who sees it anyway.

    What are my best options for managing that content?
    What are my best options for playing (streaming) it in my WP site?

    Most of what I see plugin wise talks about using their server, “10GB for free”, or using the Media uploader in WP which has a 64MB limit. I’m not worried about a limit. I’m just interested in uploading my video and having my Users stream it.

    Thank you.

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  • Word of a advise – don’t.

    As much as I am sure your host has told you that you have unlimited space and traffic, I would bet you do not and you can Google about overselling to learn more. What is your host name called, would be nice to see if they do truly offer unlimited space etc.

    That said, you can simply upload the file using something like FTP and then using HTML embed on a post or page so that your users will be able to stream it.

    <embed src="Link to Video Here" autostart="false" />

    You may also be able to change your upload limit by editing .htaccess.

    I appreciate the word of warning, but I do have unlimited. I’ve tested it, and the only issue I’ve ever had is a processes issue. Then again, I don’t get so many visitors in a month that I truly need to worry about it.

    Embedding it just streams it? Dang…easy.

    thanks for the embed code!
    however, my local video pops up in the wrong size. You happen to have any idea how to fix that?

    <embed src="Link to Video Here" autostart="false" width="100px" height="100px" />

    THANK YOU! You’re my hero!

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