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  • I just ran my blog MomReviews through the validator, and among the 160 (Gulp!) errors that I got back, were ones like this:

    # Error Line 38 column 58: end tag for element “h2” which is not open.

    Review of “What the Dead Know” </h2>

    That was for a post title, which I just type in to the title box. I’m not putting any tags in it myself, so how do I fix this?

    Also, I had quite a few of these:

    Error Line 43 column 2: document type does not allow element “p” here; missing one of “button”, “map”, “object”, “ins”, “del”, “noscript” start-tag.

    <p>And thus begins the suspenseful book “What the Dead Know” by Laur

    Again, I’m using the Visual Rich editor, so I’m not putting p tags in anywhere, so how do I take them out?

    This is the full list of errors, if anyone is interested in taking a look!

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  • Hello

    It looks as though there are some mistakes in your themes files:

    The headings on the front page start with an h3 and end with an h2. 😉

    <h3 class="entry-header">Review of “What the Dead Know”</h2>

    To fix this you need to edit index.php in your active themes folder.

    I am thinking the next error you asked about has to do with this error. Fix the first one and see, then I will help with otehr errors if needed. 🙂

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