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  • Hello all. Let me tell you a little bit about myself – I moonlight as a web designer mainly working with new businesses. I normally charge $300 – $500 for a site. My process has been speak with client, go home and work a few designs up in Photoshop, client settles on final design, Photoshop final design, slice it up and use Front Page to do the rest. For most of you, I know that sounds horrible. But it worked well for me and my clients has always been happy with the end results.

    I have been playing around with CSS for a little while and that got my learning juices flowing. I have slowly moved into WordPress. So far I am COMPLETELY blown away at how much simpler and better this is. I can’t believe I wasted so much time in the past.

    Here is my question(s): I would like to use WordPress for my current web sites and any new web sites – however, I am not really interested in the blogging aspect of the software. Is this a good idea or should I look at other software? I know you can make WordPress work, but am I starting off the wrong way? Most of my sites will be business oriented and possibly a couple will be e-commerce.

    Here are a couple sites I would like to re-design and move to WordPress –

    Please be nice when visiting the other sites. I am sure 99.635% of the people here would have do things differently and done a much better job than me, but it works and my clients are happy. It’s me that’s not happy anymore.

    Thanks – Erik

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  • Erik,

    I am using wordpress for my tshirt company and just basically iframing the store provided by the company that makes our shirts in the store page on our site using wordpress. did that make sense?
    At any rate, I am very new to html and css, but wordpress is definitely a great site builder.

    I just use Firebug in Firefox to make all the page changes, and then if it works and i like it I go into appearance and edit the css in my theme.

    They also have ecommerce plugins and themes geared towards that kind of stuff w/ shops already built in w/ shopping carts etc. I think its a good choice.

    Mr E


    I’ve been working with website engines for over 7 years, used many of them that are out there. I think you will find that every engine is not exactly what your looking for because of your needs. On the other side of that statement, choosing a good engine is not only about its core. I consider the quality of its core equally with its support structure and object contribution. WordPress is by far in the leading position. Also, its collection of tools and tricks are moving it towards being CMS as well, so its a popular and growing force to put behind your website.

    Thanks for the replies guys – much appreciated. I found some more good reading on this after I posted my question: – this section really talks about when and how to uses pages. Fro me this has been good reading since I am mainly interested in pages and not posts.

    dwellydesigns… thanks for asking this! I’ve been using Joomla for a long time, and then for a client was just asked to put up a WordPress site. I was blown away by how much you could do in WordPress that was like content management of Joomla… but it was so much easier to do!

    I’m still not sure how much control I have over the various aspects of the site and it still feels a little wobbly (like learning how to ride a bike)… but I’m definitely impressed with its potential in building just straight out web sites. Oh and the cool thing – since the blogging is built in and is becoming so darn popular – if you want to add a blog to a portion of the site – seems like that’d be a cinch!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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