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  • Hi Kreg,
    First, want to thank you for a great plugin. It is doing absolutely everything I need it to.

    Here’s my question: My host provider is limiting me to 750 mails/hour. I’m live w/ my petition and it’s going better than I thought and I’m worried that I’m going to hit that limit. I’ve been reading up on SMTP and how it could use gmail as a mail service. I’m still not very familiar w/ how this would work. So couple of questions I’m hoping you can help me with:

    1) would using gmail as a mail service, bypass the 750 mail/hour set via my host? if so,

    2) if I use gmail as a mail service, does that mean that all of the “from” addresses being sent by the plugin will be If so, that’s no good for me, as I’m sending e-mails to elected officials, and I want them to come from actual constituent addresses.

    I know these aren’t really questions about the plugin itself, but any help would be appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author Kreg Wallace


    I don’t really have an answer for that question. The plugin uses the wp_mail() function to send email. This doesn’t produce properly formatted SMTP mails.

    I’ve suggested using WP Mail SMTP plugin in some cases, as this plugin produces the proper SMTP headers and gets around the problem of a few email hosts, like hotmail rejecting the confirmation emails.

    I’ve only used WP Mail SMTP with the default settings, but maybe if you dig in there it will have some options for doing what you want with gmail. Not really sure how to set that up though or what the results would be.

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