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  • Is there a way to prevent users from changing their nickname? Or, if they change their nickname, will all previous posts and comments by that user be switched to the most current nickname?
    Furthermore, is there a way for the admin to have global access to all of the user’s passwords? I think there was a topic posted earlier that the passwords were stored in some file, which one?

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  • Is there a way to disable the editing of the nickname? Since all of the values are stored in the database, is there some way to disable editing of the nickname value?

    Not quite on-topic here but….
    1. Anonymous posting has to stop, it really does. The recent spate of anon posts was cowardly and I’m now looking at posts like the one above and wondering if it is the same person. There are precious few forums on the net that allow completely anon posting, and I don’t think it’s asking a lot of a person to create an on-screen name and add themself to the site. It may also be useful – given that this forum will only get bigger – to have an ‘activation by email’ setting. Sure, that slows things down a tiny bit, but lets face it, WP is not life and death, it’s only a few minutes, and it goes further to ID’ing people.
    2. The posting of a home URL must be more heavily encouraged. If people want help, then they should be prepared for those that want to help to look at what needs doing. I’ve certainly seen pages where the faults are nothing to do with WP, but with the way it has been used. The argument of “I can’t install WP so it doesn’t exist” is a false one to me. People usually have something on their site.
    3. The database should keep a record of the IP that a poster is coming from, and make this fact very clear. Banning someone is obviously not what is wanted, but just having that option available would possibly encourage more reasonable behaviour. Nick changing then becomes pointless really.
    This area will grow, and as it does, then like any sort of expanding organisation it needs increasing levels of rules. These are there to benefit us, not hinder us.
    Just my 2p 🙂

    Actually …. if this is not seen as the way forward, maybe just add something along the lines of
    “You are encouraged to register and provide a home page link. Some forum users may not help anonymous posters or those members without a checkable url”
    That’s certainly how I’m thinking right now.

    i dont believe making a user registered will do any change… its not mass spamming problem.

    I feel I speak for a fair few people on the net when I say that I am sick and tired of having to register on countless forums all over the web, providing the same old details over and over. This forum is great because of the anon posting, it’s quick, easy and fast. Ideal for coming on here to quickly deal with a problem or two, as this is not really a ‘community’ site in the sense of the word.

    I’ll write guides for what I know, which is html and css.
    If someone names a topic, I’ll give it a go 🙂

    By the way, when I was asking about disabling the username function, I was asking about WordPress as install on my server — NOT here in the forums. I just now know that there was some snaffu with another Anonymous poster on the forums, but my question isn’t in regards to that.

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