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  • So I’m a huge fan of the plugin. It’s better than any other membership option out there. The issue I’m having is I use woocommerce for my e-store. I’m trying to create a membership site that has an e-store. The trouble comes in when trying to have everything centralized for the customer. I would like them to be able to sign up for the membership and then shop in the store all without having to enter in their customer info again having everything go through woocommerce. I know you made a link for pmpro to work with woocommerce and the subscriptions plugin but to me pmp pro does a better job managing the subscriptions than the woo plugin. Is there no way to link pmp pro to work with woocommerce just in handling the users and sales and bypass any other woo plugins all together? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Our plugin that integrates PMPro with WooCommerce can be found here:

    We are rapidly developing it. So use it at your own risk.

    You can set that up to give users certain membership levels when they purchase a WooCommerce product. You only need to use the WooCommerce Subscriptions product if you want to have recurring billing or other features that addon offers. With PMPro-WooCommerce the member checkout is with Woo, but you can restrict content using PMPro.

    You lose all of the benefits of PMPro’s synchronization of cancellations/etc (unless you are also using the WooCommerce subscriptions module in which case when the WC subscription is cancelled, the PMPro subscription is cancelled — I don’t know how WC Subs syncs with gateways if at all). But the PMPro code that manages what members have access to works.

    If you are using one of the support PMPro gateways, you can still have people checkout for memberships using the PMPro checkout page. And give members discounts using the other features of the PMPro-WooCommerce plugin.

    Did you have a more specific question RE getting PMPro and WC to work together? I may be missing what you are asking.


    – installed PMPro and woocommerce
    – installed the add on
    – added a demoaccount (item) in woo

    but if i register a new member there isnt a new member in the list of pmpro.

    Plugin Author messica


    The PMPro WooCommerce addon only registers new members if they checkout with a membership product. You can designate WooCommerce products as membership products by selecting a membership level on the Membership tab on the New/Edit Product page.

    If I’m understanding you correctly, currently there is no functionality to sync a WooCommerce customer with PMPro automatically.

    hi jessica … look…. the readme


    * Use WooCommerce Products to Buy PMPro Membership Levels
    * Add Specific Pricing Based on Membership Level for Each Product
    * Apply global discounts based on membership level

    Plugin Author Great H-master


    Hello. Currently PMPro-WooCommerce integration only changes membership levels of a current user, so if nobody’s logged in, it won’t create the user. We understand this is an issue and it is currently being worked on. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    this is a yoke, isnt it ? your readme describes clearly what the plugin does 😉

    Plugin Author messica


    No, normally PMPro creates a user at checkout and gives them membership at the same time. You can still buy PMPro Membership Levels with WooCommerce products with this addon, but currently it won’t create the user as well. If a user is already logged in, it will change their membership level though.
    As Harsha mentioned, we’re working on a fix for that.

    I am just reading over this conversation and would like to simply make sure that I understand appropriately…

    I have the PMP plugin and I have Woocommerce. I have your new plugin that connects the two and I am first of all grateful that someone is addressing the need for the two to connect.

    If I am understanding correctly, when someone buys a Membership Product in the WooCommerce system, it gives them access to that membership level. The login that they create with Woocommerce to buy, will or will not be the login for their PMP account? I guess that is the only thing I am not clear on, will it automatically make them a member at the level they have purchased within PMP?

    If that is the case, the purchase confirmation email can simply direct them to use that login to login to their membership account or describe such in the product, yes?

    I am very curious because I am currently designing a new site with a course on WP Courseware. I needed to use WP Courseware instead of Sensei, which I know would have made it all a bit easier. I have PMP and the plugin from Fly Plugins to enable the ability for a membership to unlock a WP Courseware course. Will the plugin you have written give my users the access that they need in order to access the course from having purchased the product in woocommerce or will they need to register an PMP account separately?

    Thank you for your response to my lengthy inquiry 🙂

    I am re-reading what has been written and think that I have answered my own question. I missed Jessica’s last comment before. I know that this may not apply to your plugin but would it perhaps work to have a free membership login page that blocks your woocommerce shopping or cart as to already have members that will then be upgraded to that higher level?

    Would woocommerce subscriptions handle this? Sorry, this is my first cart/course combo that I have set up….Premise use to do it all in one quite well but they seem to no longer sell their product…

    Thanks again!

    One last question, would it be a solution to add a link for membership on the product page of the couple of products I have that actually require membership first, until your plugin is updated, and lightbox the membership registration so that the purchaser may register without leaving the page where they are about to pay in order to do it?

    Ok, one more, with your plugin, if they are to buy a product without having a login, if they use the same woocommerce login and THEN make a login for membership pro based on being directed to do so, would they have the membership level once they made the account with the same information? I am just looking for solutions…..

    Plugin Author Great H-master


    Hello wilsonvolleygirl,

    It might be possible to restrict the woo commerce product associated with the subscription and force a free sign up. Then a customer could login as a existing user and checkout for a higher membership level.

    Woo Commerce subscriptions would handle the billing and payment side of the membership, and the user would have the PMPro membership level and access to content you have specified.

    Even with Woo Commerce integration plugin installed, you could still have users checkout through PMPro to create a membership. I assume you would like to then have a lightbox, where users can checkout for a premium level using Woo Commerce. I think this should be possible, but it might require some coding.

    I’m not sure what is being asked in your last question, but I’ll try to answer it the best I can. If a user checksout with Woo Commerce, a WordPress user is created for that customer. You can manually assign a membership level to this user.

    I hope I have answered your questions. Also, it seems like you are innvolved in a complex project. If you become a member at Paid Memberships Pro, we can assist you in integrations, membership levels, and some customizations.

    We also offer a ‘Do It For Me’ Option where we can discuss your project and implement it for you. You can find more information about becoming a member and the ‘Do It For Me’ option at Paid Memberships Pro here:


    Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Thank you for the answer and I think that I understand you. I can have the product within woo commerce yet make them checkout with PMP, correct?

    Also, I can manually assign a membership level with PMP once the client has created a user account with woocommerce, which creates a user account with WP?

    I would like to create my products all within woocommerce as I like the interface and the congruency. I only have one course now though I will have more in the future, but I still have many products that do not involve protected content and would better be sold using woocommerce.

    If I am understanding you correctly, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prompt and thorough response and support, I can restrict the purchase to require a free sign up, hence still directing the user through woocommerce for the purchase. There are downloads with the purchase too, which is why I would like to use woocommerce. Does this option require coding?

    I appreciate you pointing me to PMP’s solutions. I will check them out for sure. I am really excited to learn all of this though so I will likely continue to work through, read lots of forums, watch tutorials and ask questions when I hit a road block. I enjoy this kind of work and people like yourself allow it to continue to move forward, so again, thank you!

    If you get a chance to answer those questions, I would be very grateful, though I know you are busy developing. Again, great plugin and thanks 🙂

    Sorry to bother yet I have another question. Does the price need to be included in the product price, b/c when I am placing a product price as well as a membership price, only the product price is reflected?

    Thank you.

    I think everyone is on the same question I originally wrote. It’s not the membership aspect thats the problem with woo commerce. It’s the way the user is integrated.

    Lets say I have a membership site and I use stripe as my checkout.
    When a user signs up and pays for that membership with pmpro, enters all their data and is now apart of my site and stripe, they still have to redo all of that if they want to use my estore which is through woocommerce and stripe as well. This makes it like the customer has two accounts and does not track the membership sales through woocommerce.

    The goal I think we are all trying to get in communication between the two plugins is to have single communication with users between pmpro and woocommerce. So that when a user signs up for a membership with pmpro just like it is and not a product, it is like a normal woocommerce signup and purchase.

    So when a customer signs up for a membership they should be treated like a woo commerce customer. When they purchase a membership or shop in the store, all of the data, purchase, subscription, address and any other info should be in the woo commerce backend and my account page for the user.

    Now I’m not sure if that is possible but that was the original question and it seems like everyone else’s same issue. I have gone with groups for woo and subscriptions but I don’t like having to buy a membership product versus the way pmpro has you sign up the that membership. Your plugin simplifies everything and makes it more professional. Its just that customer disconnect that isn’t working. Hopefully I have cleared it up at least a little.
    Thanks for all of the responses though and awesome plugin.

    Plugin Author messica


    Hey everyone, we released an update to the PMPro WooCommerce addon recently which should resolve some of these issues. There was a bug which wasn’t properly giving new users created with WooCommerce the membership level attached to the products, which has been fixed.

    wilsonvolleygirl, this should resolve your issues around having to manually change the membership of the user created at WooCommerce checkout (but you can still change levels manually of course). You shouldn’t need additional code to add downloads to the membership purchase, just check “Downloadable” on the Edit Product page and fill in the info on the General tab like you would normally. You should edit the prices normally as well – anything set in the product options will override the default PMPro behavior. You only need to add pricing on the Membership tab if you want the products to have different prices for different membership levels.

    TheMusik, thanks for the advice. I’ll talk to our lead developer Jason and see if we can get some tighter integration worked in.


    Hi there.
    I wanted to find out if there had been any progress in integrating the User Account information as mentioned by TheMusik?

    I’m also having a bit of difficulty in setting up Discounts for Members:
    I have only one membership option which I’m only offering through ‘PMP – Membership Account’ section
    I would like to allocate a 10% discount to all Members (who signup using PMP, not WC) when they purchase products through the Woocommerce eshop.
    Currently, when a member goes to the eshop and orders a product, no discount is being allocated.

    Please help…you’d be a lifesaver!

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