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  • I’ve got a noob question about upgrading. I run WP on two sites – I’m a long time Movable Type person, but for these two sites, WP handled my needs better.

    Anyway, since I’m relatively new, I’ve yet to have any first hand knowledge of the upgrade procedure. I know you do the standard things – sql dump, backup of website, that’s common.

    But I did some strange CSS changes, so what I’m worried about is this. If I upgrade to the newest code, how will my custom css (which was tacked onto (and inside) the end of one of the files) be handled? I don’t want it to be overwritten.

    Also, if I backup the css file, then copy it back after the upgrade (assuming it is overwritten), won’t that break something new?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, but I’d like to be prepared before I upgrade. Tkx.

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  • Hi

    1) suggest installing the wp-db-backup plugin which does quick & easy (& even scheduled database backups) within WP

    2) The only things WP writes into the wp-content folder on upgrades is the default and classic themes, and the akismet and hello plugins. The only time you will lose a theme on an upgrade is if you modified the default or classic themes rather than creating a new theme from them. WordPress does not delete or replace any of your theme folders, other than default and classic, or your plugins either. And does not touch your uploaded files folders either. This is why it is suggested to us to put all of our content in those folders as it won’t be overwritten during upgrades.

    3) Don’t take my word for it – back up your files before upgrading, then see for yourself if what I said is true. Then you will be certain.

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