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    My website is running on php 5.2 now and I wanna update it by this page to 5.4
    but I am wondering will updating to 5.4 ruin my website or it may not work properly or what? and how can I know if my wensite is good for 5.4 or not.because I read that some users are facing problems after updating and just the last question, wat is the difference between PHP 5.4,PHP 5.4 (Single php.ini), and PHP 5.4 (FastCGI)


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  • You likely haven’t received an answer in two days to this because the URL you gave requires an ID and password for a valid BlueHost account, which I, of course, don’t have because I use another hosting company.

    After some searching, I think I found the same information on a URL that does not require login:

    There is no guaranteed answer to your question. Now that I have seen documentation on how this is done, I am convinced that you could “go back” to the previous version of php if you had to.

    Nonetheless, I would definitely not recommend doing this at all until you have a backup of both WordPress files and the WordPress database. And you know how to restore both from the backup you have created.

    I currently use php 5.4.22 for all my testing, though I still have 5.3.26 in Production. I plan to upgrade to 5.5.6 for all my testing, now that WordPress, as of Version 3.8, no longer generates Warning messages in php 5.5.

    I had received the following email about the same topic. I just called their tech support team, who tested it for me and completed the upgrade process. My website has been running fine.:

    PHP, the web programming language, has several different versions and we will be phasing out PHP version 5.2 in the near future as it has been unsupported by its creators for several years now, along with PHP 5.3. You are receiving this email because your account was found to be using php version 5.2/5.3.

    If you’re not certain of your sites compatibility with PHP 5.4, you can quickly and easily test it by changing your account to PHP 5.4 single using the outlined steps below. If, after changing your PHP version to 5.4 and your site looks normal and operates without any errors then your site is compatible. If you update to PHP 5.4 and you find your site showing errors or a blank white screen that is a good sign that something in your site is not compatible. Most commonly these are plug-ins or themes that need to be updated. Switch the PHP version back to 5.2 or 5.3 and login to your admin panel and check for any available updates. If none are available you will need to check with the plug-ins/theme developer to see if they have compatibility with PHP 5.4.

    It is strongly encouraged you check yours sites plug-ins/themes/3rd party scripts for any updates in the next 7 days to avoid any downtime or issues with this process.

    If you do not then your account will be automatically upgraded to 5.4 along with any extensions you have chosen to include in your current 5.2/5.3 configuration.

    You can upgrade PHP by:
    1. Navigate to your cPanel
    2. Go to the Category Software/Services
    3. Click on PHP Config
    4. Scroll down and select any of the PHP 5.4 options and save

    We also have 2 great guides that explain the difference between all the PHP versions.

    Bluehost Support
    For support go to
    Toll-Free: (888) 401-4678

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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