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Question about unchecking the liveblog box

  • Love the plug in and it works like a charm. My question is after a day of live blogging, do I leave the box for live blog checked or not.

    I imagine that if I uncheck it, the content box will disappear off my front end, but will the posted content from earlier remain?

    Another feature suggestion…find a way to paste images in the content box (ie from an iPad)



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  • Plugin Author Nikolay Bachiyski


    On the first question – the newest version 1.3 will be out tomorrow probably, will contain a functionality for archiving a liveblog. If a liveblog is archived the posting interface is gone, but the posts are still there.

    On the second, we are working on uploading images via mobile for our next version.

    Not sure I understand-or maybe I did not phrase it correctly.

    I am done with a live blog post. When I look at the front end, I still see the compose box and all of the live updates that are associated with the post.

    If I uncheck the liveblog box in the dashboard side, what happens to the updates? Will they still display (without the compose box) on the front end?

    Plugin Author Nikolay Bachiyski


    jfrenaye, Liveblog 1.3 just came out and it allows you to “Archive” a liveblog. This will hide the compose box, but will still show the entries.

    Plugin Author Nikolay Bachiyski


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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