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    I have a little ‘dispute’ with a host on which I have a multisite to which I had SSL certificates added and I think this plugin could solve my problem.

    Let’s start with saying that it is an IIS box.

    I have a website with several subsites. Some of these subsites I have mapped to domains. I have got a couple of certificates. I have secured the main site, the admin and the two subsites that are not mapped to a domain.

    There are three sites that I did map (and a domain that only forwards). Before SSL the www referred to the non and vice-versa (if needed), but with a certificate one gives a secure site and the other a big, fat error. Annoyingly: only in IE, Edge and Firefox, because Chrome just takes the visitor to the correct url, which is secure.

    Can I use this plugin to prevent Edge from presenting error pages?

    Sidenote: when I activate the plugin, it suppresses the CSS of the admin, both in network and in single site activation.

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  • Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    Your issue seems to be that the redirect takes place in WordPress, in PHP. This means the site loads over the insecure URL, then it gets redirected to the new URL. This causes the insecure notice.

    If the redirect would be handled in the .htaccess (IIS uses .htaccess right?), the redirect would be handled before the site loads, and there won’t be an error. This method can be used to park domains without SSL certificates on SSL secured sites.

    Really Simple SSL only redirects to the https version of the request URL, so won’t add any .htaccess redirects from one domain to another, which would be needed to solve your issue.

    So to answer your question, you can fix it with a simple domain redirect in the .htaccess, but this is not something Really Simple SSL will handle for you.

    As for you css issue, I’ve responded in the other thread.



    Thank you for your enormously quick reply!

    > IIS uses .htaccess right?
    Preferably such things are dealt with in web.config, but that’s way over my head. I’ve been playing with htaccess (which sure is ‘listened to’, but without success so far.

    > but this is not something Really Simple SSL will handle for you
    That’s an honest answer to my question. Thanks, I’ll go hunting more htaccess scripts.

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