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    Hi Austin,

    Everything’s ok now with the logo, but I have a question about the validation of the username and password.

    Normally, with WordPress if you enter a wrong username or password, there is a “shaking motion” of the little form with an error message to the visitor.

    With the plugin installed, I noticed that if I enter an invalid username or password (or nothing, just hit enter), I don’t get the error message or the “shaking motion”. Instead it just reloads the form for the visitor to reenter a valid username and password.

    My question is: Is this normal to happen even though it seems to be bypassing the WordPress error message? If this is normal, then I’ll just ignore it, but please let me know if this is interfering with the way WordPress is supposed to be handling this.


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  • Plugin Author Austin Passy


    This plugin doesn’t overwrite anything in regards to error messages or the javascript shake notification.

    I have no issues with any of those you mentioned. Do you have any other plugins that may be loading on the login page?

    Hi Austin,

    No, I don’t have any other plugins that have anything to do with the login page at all and I have the plugin installed on many websites.

    I noticed the following though:

    If I enter a blank username and password, it just reloads the login page.

    If I enter either an invalid username or password, it WILL “shake” and give me an error message.

    So I guess I’m just questioning when I hit enter on a blank log in screen.

    I just tested the log in screen on a site where I don’t have the plugin installed, and I entered a blank username and password and the log in screen just reloads, so I guess this is normal.

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


    Thanks for that.

    I have a different problem.

    The web host of the site that I have been working on has suddenly blacklisted my IP address. I called Bluehost and they told me the error message I got is usually a result of malware.

    The message I get is:

    “Access denied. Your IP address [] is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse department.”

    My first thought was that the host thought I was trying to hack in because of all the modifications on the log in page. I’ve been working on the log in page almost all day today.

    I contacted BlueHost who said I need my client to call them to “white list” my IP address.

    Is there any other reason for this to happen?

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


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