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  • Hi,

    I am trying to setup the “cookie notice” parameters to comply with the GPDR rules regarding cookies.
    I have checked the following boxes in the dashboard :
    – Enable privacy policy link.
    – Synchronize with WordPress Privacy Policy page.
    – Enable to give to the user the possibility to refuse third party non functional cookies.
    – Enable to give to the user the possibility to revoke their cookie consent (requires “Refuse cookies” option enabled).
    – Checked “automatic” for displaying the “revoke consent” button.

    I only see three buttons in the footer:
    “Yes”, “no” and “read more” but no “revoke consent” button. When and where should this last button appear?
    Thanks for help.

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  • Hi,

    Interestingly it seems there is no mention of the revoke option in the cookie notice documentation ( Anyway I think that the revoke button could/should not be in the notice bar which disappears once the choice has been made. So where? May be in the wp privacy policy page?
    Fortunately it is very easy and fast to change the consent status without needing a dedicated button. Just remove the “cookie_notice_accepted” cookie from the browser bar and refresh the page. This brings back the notice bar and a new choice can be made.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Hi all,
    The basic idea is this:

    Refuse cookies and Revoke consent should be enabled

    – if Revoke option is set to Automatic the Revoke Conent button will appear in place of the Cookie Notice container right after user clicks Accept / Refuse (it’s just a button, without a styled container, without background)

    – if Revoke option is set to manual you should place [cookies_revoke] somewhere in your Policy Privacy page or anywhere else (like widget)

    – it’s possible to use Automatic mode (to display Revoke button automatically) and a shortcode placed somehwere else (lie a widget) additionally at the same time

    – once the Revoke Consent button is clicked (no matter if it’s the one displayed automatically or manually) it will bring back the Cookie Notice container and allow you to Accept/Refuse cookies again

    – no change is made in the meantime, the cookie value is not stored(changed) until user clicks any of the buttons

    So regarding the issues above with the Revoke Consent button not visible in automatic mode we’d suggest looking for javascript / css issues in a theme.

    When it comes to the shortcode the button text is not accepting the text as set in CN settings (a bug that will be addressed in the next release) but you can use “title” shortcode parameter to set the button text and “class” to set custom button class.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am not sure I got it well but I understand it this way.

    1. Upon acceptance, all cookies (functional and third party) are accepted. The new “cookie_notice_accepted” cookie appears and it is set to “true”.

    2. Upon refusal, not all cookies are removed. Only those whose script has been added in the plugin settings (typically Google Analytic cookies)*. Then the site will be loaded without GA cookies.The new “cookie_notice_accepted” cookie appears and it is set to “false”.

    In my case the revoke consent button works when added manually for example in the “privacy page” using the shortcode. The automatic mode did not work (see above comment by plugin author for a possible explanation).
    Anyway if you want to bring back the cookie notice option bar just delete the “cookie_notice_accepted” cookie as I mentionned in a previous reply.

    This works fine for me and I hope it will also work for you.

    * The script must be deleted from all other places where it appears elsewhere inthe site.

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