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  • if i change my permalink extensions now how does that effect all my previous posts?

    i have linked to some of the permalinks–will those be affected?

    does changing permalinks have any seo issues?

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  • noone has any comments on this?

    I have the same question! Surely I have seen previous topics on this issue, but none of those were dated less than 2 years ago. I was wandering wether my existing links will still break if I modify my permalink structure, on the latest version of WordPress (3.1.1.)

    Would enabling Fancy Permalinks, per se, break my existing links? If so, can this be avoided?


    i just modified my permalinks structure–at least one post doesnt work anymore–not sure why–seems that one post

    results in with a different url

    seems other posts are ok–i selected the year/month/postname selection–that one post shows the day and does not show the post name

    Does your blog have many posts? The one I need to modify has over a thousand. Just trying to figure out how much damage I could get, proportionally.

    i have about 60 pages so far

    but i think u can go ahead and test it–if it doesnt work then u can change it back

    why do you want to change it?
    my reason was seo

    I just checked your url and how come you only have date on there there should be a post name after date what did you change your custom structure to as I checked one of post back 2009 and opened fine

    @asiaexpat my reason is bandwidth. I need to the W3 Total Cache Plugin on to avoid huge throttling by my web hosting company. But W3 Total Cache requires Fancy Permalinks.

    I don’t think that if I try and change my permalink structure and then change it back, my posts (and therefore links) would return to the same ID number. I would need to be sure of that to be able to try it.

    i used the “month and name” from the common settings

    But the concern is: Will other websites, with existing links to your previous permalinks, get HTTP “Not Found” errors, after the permalink structure change? That is what I would really like to avoid.

    test it

    post a permalink here–then change your settings
    then click on the link
    or I can

    Since you changed your permalinks, havee you checked/noticed any issues with your previous links? Were they automatically redirected?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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