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  • I see that Woo provides paid extensions for PayPal Express Checkout and Payments Pro.

    With Payments Pro, though, we actually want both options. People should be able to choose PayPal (express checkout) or credit card (payments pro).

    Looking at the screenshots for the EC extension it looks like it actually replaces the original checkout button with the PayPal EC button so that the buyer can skip all of the Woo forms and everything. This is great for EC, but then what about the credit card option?

    Also, I’m curious which version of Payments Pro that extension is using. PayPal made changes not long ago and now it’s always tough to know if people are talking about the DoDirectPayment API (the old version of Pro) or the PayFlow Gateway that runs through PayPal Manager (the new version of Pro). Which one is this?

    I know Payments Advanced uses the PayPal Manager, and it looks like you all provide an extension for that, too, but my client is currently setup with Payments Pro using DDP and EC. What’s the best way to get this working with WooCommerce?

    We’re happy to buy the extensions, but I need to make sure they’re going to work the way they should together and provide a smooth checkout flow for the buyers.

    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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