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    I just installed Fotorama and think it’s great! I’m in the process of setting up my first gallery now and I noticed something about the use of thumbnails instead of “dots” for photo navigation.

    If I have Fotorama configured to use the iPhone style “dots”, as I manually navigate through the gallery, the dot changes to the “current photo” position, as expected.

    If I have Fotorama configured to use thumbnails, the first thumbnail is highlighted with a blue border and as I navigate through the gallery, the blue border remains on the first thumbnail. I would have expected the blue border to highlight the “current photo” position, as the iPhone style “dots” do.

    The blue border remains on the first thumbnail regardless of my using the arrows on the large image to navigate through the gallery or my clicking the thumbnails, themselves, to navigate.

    Is this a bug or am I missing something?



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  • Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    Can you give a link? If it’s sercret email it at

    Thanks. I’ve sent you e-mail. 🙂


    I’ve just updated fotorama to the newest version and now the gallery does not function correctly. The thumbs do not match the photos, and the entire gallery comes out in random order instead of the order of the photo IDs.

    Also, the fotorama max width assumes a sidebar, even though the page is fullwidth and does not contain a sidebar. This happened with two different themes…both times fotorama assumed a sidebar and would only go to “content” width instead of full page width.

    You can see the sample at:

    I LOVE Fotorama, and would really like to get this working. Any help would be appreciated.

    azlivin008, as for me, fotorama in your test page works correctly.
    Maybe you had old CSS cached in browser?

    as for container width,
    what shortcode exactly do you use? Do you use fotoramaDefaults.js and what is inside it?

    If you click the thumbs of the images on the fotorama-test page (, the thumbnail images do not match the large images. Click each thumbnail and see that it does not match the large image.

    Also, note the captions…each caption appears twice in a row, even though I have the “id” only listed once, and each and every caption is unique. Each caption should only appear ONCE. I’ve numbered them so you can see them easily.

    The gallery is coming up incorrectly on FF, IE10 and two different computers, so it’s not a browser cache issue or a specific browser issue.

    The width assumes there is a sidebar, even when none exists. That was true on two different websites, and two completely different themes. The width should be the full page width on the test page.

    The shortcode is the recommended shortcode [gallery ids="1,2,3" allowfullscreen="true" nav="thumbs"]

    I love the plugin and have used the older versions of fotorama even before they were available in the WP repository…I’ve ben anxiously awaiting a new WP version, so I really hope the bugs can get ironed out. I’m excited about being able to use it.

    Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    @azlivin008, I’ll check it later.

    Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    @azlivin008, what I see that you are using links in the captions, try to delete them and use plain text. Is ok now?

    The captions are just regular captions from the WP gallery….they do not contain links.

    The problem does seem to have been caused by the captions. I removed the captions and the photos/thumbnails are now aligned and the gallery contains the correct images.

    The captions were just regular captions added thru the WP gallery and did not contain any links, so the bug in the fotorama plugin is somehow occurring when adding captions to photos.

    Also, the fotorama still will not go full-width (it assumes a sidebar, even when none exists).

    I’m glad to know I can still use it though – even if I can’t add captions.

    Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    Please update to 4.4.0, bug with captions should be gone. To go full-width add width=”100%” to your [gallery].

    Thank you:

    1. The caption issue is fixed and the gallery is functioning well.

    2. Adding width=”100%” gave me some strange height problems, so I included [height=”627″] in the gallery code and that made the gallery fit properly.

    Thank you for this great plugin and for your fabulous support!

    Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    Thank you.

    I wonder is the settings options are present in Fotorama for WordPress.

    In this instruction video
    at 2:12 minutes there is an image of Fotorama Settings page of the WordPress Adminstrative page.

    In my installation no such Fotorama Settings page appeared. I have WordPress 3.6.1 and Fotorama 4.4.2.

    I would like to set an image gallery so
    data-navposition=”bottom” (i.e. small images at the bottom of the image)
    data-allowfullscreen=”native” or “true” (i.e. make it possible to see the image large size)

    Plugin Author artpolikarpov


    New version has no settings page.

    You can tune your gallery in shorcode:

    [gallery ids="1,2,3" nav="thumbs" allowfullscreen="native"]

    Or in /wp-content/plugins/fotoramaDefaults.js:

    fotoramaDefaults = {
      nav: 'thumbs',
      allowfullscreen: 'native'

    Thank you! I think I get it now. I put the shortcodes presented on this page in the article editor (when ‘text’ tab has been selected instead of ‘visual’). Also, I realize that the options has to be put into the same square brackets, juxtaposing the options in the same bracket-pair, like you did:
    [gallery ids="25,24,23,13,7" nav="thumbs" allowfullscreen="native"]. Oh, I just read that I can select any of the options in but omitting the prefix “data-“.

    Your solution makes it very easy to customize each post individually. That is great!

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