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  • Not so much an installation problem as a question. The changelog for 1.2 mentions the following:
    Directory flexbility: Now you can have all the WordPress files in one directory and the weblog in a higher level directory.
    I like to keep all my Scripts in a /Scripts/<Scriptname> directory (so two steps under root), and I was planning a number of different weblogs, one which would be directly under root, a few which would be in a directory one step under root and one which would be in another subdirectory two steps under root (and thus level with the WP install, only in another directory).
    Would this work or is a higher directory required for the weblog?

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  • Blog in root and WP in sub works ok. Blog and WP both in a sub of root (parallel to each other) will work but has a bug (untill now), which will let you not login again after you once you logged out. Hope this will be fixed soon, because I can never logout if I want my site to remain visible.
    So what you want can be done, but because you want several blogs means (at this moment) multiple installations of WP, because it will not allow multiple blogs within one installation.
    Your scripts will be allright, because you only need to <a href… them once from within each index.php.

    Hmm … I see, might have to hold off on WP a while longer still. The setup I currently have is pretty non-standard.
    How about output from a blog being published on several pages in multiple directories? I use a ‘dynamic content within static pages’ approach (which I don’t yet know if it will work with WP), and apart from having a main page for each blog, I need to pull in content from specific categories on some separate pages residing in subdirectories under the directory with the main page.

    For things related to static pages you can look at
    The rest of what you want… (?). You’ll have to wait a bit longer for a not so newbie person like I am at WP. But judging from my recent two weeks of reading, I’m sure it can be done. WP is very flexibel, especially with a litte knowledge of PHP (which I don’t have enough…).

    Thanks for the pointers. 🙂
    So far, I haven’t found anyone doing quite what I need with static pages, but I too need to learn more php to be able to use the program properly. 🙂

    I’m reading your comments on root directory here, but I don’t see any visible answer to my own problems….
    Do any of you know how to install WP NOT on the root directory?
    I have a main website and I want to make the blog a side place to visit, not the full monty front page 😛 ehehe

    “lady dragon”

    Moderator James Huff


    I already answered your question in your own topic:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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