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    I would like to understand how the plugin handles the resolutions I set.

    So e.g. the iPhone X/XS has a viewport width about 375px by @3x viewport scale.
    So 3x 375px = 1125px.

    When I check HiDPI support do I have to set 375 or 1125 as resolution?

    And if there is no equal resolution set but e.g.

    Resolutions: 320, 480, 1024, 1280

    Which resolution will give out to the iPhone?

    The next @1x up (480)?
    The next @1x down (320)?
    The next @3x up (1280)?
    Or the next @3x down (1024)?

    Thank you very much.

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  • Plugin Author Takis Bouyouris


    The Adaptive Images plugin chooses the closest possible dimension always checking upwards (so that in the process it won’t produce worse quality images than what is required).

    Of course this is only meaningful when the images themselves are already big enough so that they can be downsized. If an image is already small enough for a specific request from a specific device then it will not be downsized at all (the original image will be sent).

    So, you should set your breakpoints thinking in final pixels. In the case of the iPhone of 375px width then, when the HiDPI support is checked, it will be regarded as a 1125px screen. So if the breakpoints are set as “320, 480, 1024, 1280” then the 1280 size should be used (that is if the original image itself is already bigger than that).

    As you may have already understood, this can easily lead to no downsizing at all, if one wants to serve very good quality images even to the smallest devices. But this, in a way, goes contrary to the initial concept of the Adaptive Images plugin.

    Personally, I would not really mind even having the HiDPI support disabled, because I would prefer to give priority to speed! But I let my users have the option.


    Thread Starter heldausberlin


    Thanks a lot. That was helpful!

    Plugin Author Takis Bouyouris


    You are welcome, let me know if you need any further assistance!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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