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    I had a quick question about the instructions here ( ). I have a website that is currently sitting in a /wordpress subdirectory, but I’d like to have the main page (at least) be at the plain .com address.

    However, there is already a site being hosted at the .com address — the one that the new /wordpress one is intended to replace. If I follow the instructions above and leave the original content in the root directory, will it screw everything up? Should I delete everything already in the root directory before following this process? I just want to make sure this works properly when I set it up, as I’ve already had issues with trying to do this once. I would also prefer to not delete the old website until I’m sure the new one is functioning.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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  • You won’t be able to run both sites from within root (.com directory)

    The indexes will conflict

    Okay, thanks!

    How complex is your other site? You could just archive it or move it while configuring WP, and be able to reverse the act quickly if need be is the other site, is the new one. I don’t know if it’s extremely complicated, though. (I’m sorry, I’m kind of learning this coding thing as I go.) Are you suggesting just moving it to a different subfolder until I’ve changed it?

    Well yeah, if the current site was a simple html site (Like 1 index.html file), you could move it to another folder, or whatev, then configure WP. If something goes wrong with WP, quickly move WPs index.php out, and the old site back in.

    It shouldn’t be a problem though really. Once you pull the old site, the WP configuration shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just make sure you understand the instructions before proceeding

    Overall I do; I just checked for an .htaccess file and I can’t find one, though, despite enabling view of hidden files/folders. If I’m understanding the further instructions properly, I can just create one and upload it through FTP, correct? Or is there something else I need to do?

    (Thank you for all your help so far, by the way!)

    Have you ever enabled fancy permalinks?

    If not, you won’t have an .htaccess file

    (If your settings in settings->permalinks are at ‘default’, you don’t need to worry about .htaccess)

    Oh, alright! It’s still set to default. So I should only copy over and edit the index.php, then, correct?

    I have no way to know where you are in the process! BUt that is the only file that would need copied, yes

    I haven’t actually started yet. I wanted to check and make sure I was right before actually starting, because when I tried to do something similar last time I had to reinstall WordPress and re-make all my pages and it was kind of a disaster.

    One more quick dumb question, sorry: When this change happens will all of the page links change to , or will they still be ?

    they will all be without the /wordpress directory

    Only your admin panel will reference the folder so –

    (And your images and stuff will have /wordpress in the url, which you would notice in the html)

    Basically, stuff on the backend has the /wordpress folder in the url – admin stuff

    All the frontend stuff no longer will have any reference to /wordpress, so your visitors won’t see that folder name referenced at all

    my personal blog is set up using the subfolder setup, if you check out the links, you will see no reference to a folder called /empire but that is where my stuff resides

    Okay, awesome. I’m assuming I’ll have to go in and manually change any links within the site myself, though? (Not a big deal, just checking)

    Um.. yep, I guess that would be true! I didn’t actually have to deal with that when I changed my site over, as I had no internal links.

    If your nav bar uses the standard process (pages are automatically added to it) you should be fine there.

    You could also redirect your old links to your new ones I would think, using a redirect plugin

    But I”m not an expert on that part of it… I didn’t have any internal links to worry about….

    Haha, yeah, I just went through and Find + Replace’d them. Otherwise though, it worked perfectly! Thank you SO much for your help 🙂

    Great news! Glad that worked out for you!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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