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  • I’m about to install WordPress on a site I’ve previously used Drupal on. I’m pretty much set on wiping all the content, although it hurts because I have several years worth of content.

    I tried to find a plug-in or something in WordPress itself that mentions how I would go about doing this and wasn’t able to find anything, but that might be because I dont know the right wording for what I want.

    I want to create a sortable list where basically I have a game name, a score and a link to download it. If I wanted to go more advanced, I’d say I’d like each game item to be commentable as well, but I’m optional on that. I’d like the list to be able to be sorted by alphebet and score.

    Is there a current plugin that will let me create this?

    Thanks for your help in advance,


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  • I don’t know about plugin…. but what you want is easy enough with WP itself

    You could make a custom post type relating to games
    And you could use custom fields or meta boxes to store your score and link data

    You ca use queries to sort by title(game name) alphabetically, and also to sort by meta value (such as score)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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