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  • Hi, I’ve just recently switched from Greymatter to WordPress (and am very impressed, by the way). Anyhow, I love the fact that you can delete entries with a simple click of the mouse, but I guess I love it too much because I did it on about four entries while testing the site out (after importing my GM files over).
    Well, this may just be my meticulous nature coming to play, but I was wondering what happens in the database once you delete an entry? For example, since I deleted so many, the numbers don’t really correspond to the entries anymore — i.e., entry #475 appears as #479 since the ones inbetween were taken out.
    Now, just out of curiosity, is it possible to make the numbers not skip around, like updating the database or something? Or is it something that I’m just going to have to live with? Either way is fine, but it’s just bothering me a tiny bit. 🙂
    Sorry if this seems like a pointless question, but the most miniscule things bother me at times… x_x

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  • Unless you were to write a script that updated all the post id’s, the short answer is no. Now, there are reason’s why posts should maintain their ID even after deleting posts in front of it.
    1. If you link to a post by ID and not by permalink structure, the linked post wouldn’t be the same.
    2. Your sites post would lose structure.
    3. This is an automatically generated number based on the SQL database, bestnot to touch.
    So I think this is one of those “live with it” situations.

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